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Ballin’ Around

As a self-confused sugar addict — I could happily eat chocolate for breakfast, everyday — I am always on the search for a healthy alternative to keep my mid-afternoon meltdown at bay. And thanks to the game changers leading the raw revolution, like Sarah Wilson’s IQS (I Quit Sugar) we are spoilt for choice. Have […]

Blitz Into Summer

As spring approaches (YES, only three days of winter remain), the next surge in smoothie trending is only but a moment away. Now, some people have been faithful to their blitzed-up liquid vitamin pills through each wintery day. A tough of frost or dusting of snow hasn’t interfered with their green juices or superfood smoothies. […]

Two Wheels & A Handlebar – Brisbane, Australia

What’s a cycle themed cafe without a pre-loved bike serving as a menu board. Two Wheels & A Handlebar is a local Milton jaunt serving up uncomplicated food and good coffee. Located on Railway Terrace, at the bottom of the stairs to Milton train station and next to Activ Cycle, it brings a new heartbeat into the Park Road precinct. […]

Nitrogenie – Brisbane, Australia

Ice cream from magic. This is what they claim. And ice cream from magic, is what they deliver. Nitrogenie is redefining the way we look at the humble scoop; single or double. They have unmasked the secret weapon used by chefs around the world to make luscious, smooth, whipped ice cream. So what is the big […]

Nantucket Kitchen & Bar – Brisbane, Australia

Tucked away in the far corner, outside Indooroopilly Shopping Centre on Station road, Nantucket Kitchen & Bar is one of a handful of new restaurants to open. The revamp to Indro’ has not only improved the retail offerings, but made vast improvements to the dining scene. NKB, as it’s commonly referred to by those in-the-know, is the newest ‘new […]

Cabassi & Co – Indooroopilly, Australia

Picture this: Your partner – wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend – has dragged you shopping. And let’s throw in a few children, too. They’re pulling you in every direction, into every store. It’s midday. You’re hungry. You need some time out. Now. Your brain starts ticking over, thinking of the options available in the […]

Paleo Cafe – Brisbane, Australia

All you cavemen and cavewomen out there, listen up: Paleo Café is catering to your prehistoric needs, and they are conquering our capital cities. Firstly, let’s clear something up: Yes, Paleo Café is a chain. And I will be the first to admit that I am a self-confessed chain fighter; I am quick to judge anything that has […]

Deann’s Coffee House – Ipswich, Australia

In recent years Ipswich has seen an abundance of espresso bars open, small quirky spaces serving expertly made coffee along with snack-sized food. But where do you go when your stomach screams for a big hearty breakfast? A breakfast that leaves you bursting at the seams, rather than wishing you had ordered two of everything? […]

Dark Horse – Springfield Lakes, Ipswich (or Brisbane, depends who you ask!)

An opportunity arose to venture to Springfield Lakes, a suburb of the City of Ipswich but commonly thought to be part of greater Brisbane. It was a good chance to see what’s happening in the outskirts of the cities. I put on my adventure hat, set my Navman to postcode 4300 and drove the 30 […]

Zucchini Pasta: What would Nonna say?

  I could eat pasta day in, day out. Yet each time I do I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt. Have I been too self-indulgent, again? Surely there’s a way to enjoy your Nonna’s favourite pasta recipes without having to jump straight into your running shoes. These days, it’s about finding alternatives for ‘the bad […]